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Using Nookal

Learn how Nookal works throughout your day and across your clinic.

Nookal Tasks

Sam Written by Sam
... on an ostentatious October day.

On the right-hand side of Nookal you will find a Pin icon. Clicking on this icon will open up your Tasks area, where you and your colleagues can assign Tasks to one another, update the completion status of your Tasks, and view Set and Archived Tasks.


Assigning Tasks

1. Click on the Pin icon to expand the Tasks area and click Create New.

2. Select a Location and pick All Staff or a Selection of staff as recipients.

3. Enter a Priority (None, Low, Medium or High).

4. Select a Due Date or leave blank if not required.

5. Enter the Task Name.

6. Enter the Task Details.

7. Click Create.

The task will now be viewable in your Set Tasks area.

Managing Tasks

The Tasks area comprises of 3 sections – My Tasks, Set Tasks and Task Archive.

My Tasks

1. Tasks that have been assigned to you by other staff can be viewed by clicking on My Tasks.

2. Click anywhere on the Task card to expand it, or leave it as is to see a preview.

3. After expanding the Task you can view more details and update the Completion Status (Not Started, In Progress, or Complete) by selecting an option from the drop-down and clicking Save. If the Task is assigned to multiple staff you will also see the Completion Status of those staff.

4. You can print individual tasks by clicking on the Printer icon.

5. You can delete Tasks by clicking on the Trash icon. This will move the message to the Task Archive section.

Set Tasks

Tasks you have assigned can be seen by clicking on Set Tasks.

Task Archive

Tasks you have deleted can be viewed in the Task Archive. If you have deleted a Task by accident, you can reinstate it to its previous place (My Tasks or Set Tasks) by clicking Restore.

Task Settings

To access your Task Settings click on the Settings icon pictured below.

Task Settings allows you to order your Task views by Due Date, Creation Date, Status or Priority, as well as Show or Hide your Task Archive. Once you’re happy with your selections just click Save & Close.

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