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Occupancy Report

Austin Written by Austin
... on a nifty November day.

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What can you use this Report for?
Filters and Options
What is displayed in the report?
Tips and Tricks

The Occupancy Report presents each Provider’s occupancy rate calculated from the Diary.

What can you use this Report for?

Generate this to assess the viability of hiring new staff and identify providers with unoccupied free time.

Filters and Options

Filters Description
Date Date range to account for from the Diary.
Locations Location to take into account.
Providers Provider attributed to display in the report.
Events Event categories selected will be included in occupied time. All Events booked on available time slot are included in scheduled minutes regardless.
Include Services If ticked, Services booked in the Diary will count as occupied time.
Include Classes If ticked, Classes booked in the Diary will be included in occupied time.
Includes Notes If ticked, time slots where Notes are written in the Diary will count as occupied time.
Exclude DNAs Tick this option to exclude DNAs from counting as occupied time.

What is displayed in the report?

  • The table displays each provider in a separate row with their occupied time and other statistics.
Column Description
Provider Provider name in the Diary
Days Number of Days included in the time frame requested
Scheduled minutes Total number of minutes scheduled in the Diary for the provider (includes all selected Locations)
Occupied Number of minutes booked (depending on options selected).
Occupancy Percentage of time occupied, calculated by occupied minutes divided by scheduled minutes * 100.
Services Completed and Pending Consultations in the Diary.
Classes Participants that have completed or are booked for a Class.

Tips and Tricks

Click on the Provider name to display a graph and table of daily data for the provider.

Create relevant categories for Events to make it easy to generate a more specific report for practitioners including only selected categories (e.g. CPD, Meeting, Note redaction, etc.) in occupied minutes and leaving others (e.g. Away) out.

Clinic Moving average: is a statistical indicator using the daily averages and the previous month averages to give an indication of future occupancy to plan for weeks ahead.

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