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Online Bookings Report

The Online Bookings Report presents any bookings made via your Nookal Online Booking.

What can you use this Report for?

Generate this report to assess the ROI of online marketing and resources and to confirm all online bookings are entered in the clinic workflow.

Filters and Options

Filters Description
Date Date of the appointments booked online to display.
Locations Location of appointments to display.

What is displayed in the report?

  • The Summary table displays the total amount of appointments booked online with their current status, per provider.
  • The details table displays each booking details such as Client name, type and date of booking along with the time and date it was booked.
Column Description
Appt Date Date of the appointment booked online.
Location Location the appointment is booked in.
Provider Provider the appointment is booked with.
Client Name of Client that booked the appointment.
Service Name of the Service or Class booked.
Added Date and time the online booking was made.
Status Status of the booking (Pending, Completed, DNA or Cancelled)
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