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Online Payments Report

Jadzia Written by Jadzia
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What can you use this Report for?
Filters and Options
What is displayed in the Report?

The Online Payments Report lists each generated, received or failed payment made via an Online Payment Integration.

What can you use this Report for?

Generate this Report to track outstanding payments by clients and manage payments made via online payment merchants.

Filters and Options

Filters Description
Date Invoices sent for payment via an Online Payment link and Online Bookings paid within this timeframe.
Locations Location set on the Invoice.
Integrations The Online Payment Integration used to collect payment.
Statuses  Payment statuses to include in the Report.

What is displayed in the Report?

  • The Payments Summary lists the total amount grouped by payment Status (Errors, Pending, Success) as well as the total of these combined.
  • A pie chart of the payment Status ratio is also shown.
Column Description
Date Added When the Invoice was sent to the client for payment. For payments made to complete an Online Booking this will be the date the Booking was made.
Status The current status of the Payment. This can be:
Pending – Awaiting action from Client
Success – Payment processed successfully
Error – Payment failed
Invoice No. The invoice number of the invoice that has been paid or sent for payment.
Client Name of the Client invoiced.
Response Error message or rejection code if applicable.
Amount Due The amount sent to the Client for payment.
Amount Paid Amount paid and applied to the Invoice.
Payment Date Date the payment was made and added to the Invoice.
Invoice Balance The balance of the invoice after any payments are applied.

You can open any Invoice directly from the Report by clicking on the Invoice Number in the generated Report.

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