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Paying Invoices in Bulk

To pay invoices in bulk a report of Unpaid Invoices will need to be generated first. From this report, multiple Invoices can be selected to record a payment.

In order to complete this task, Permission in the Administration section to access the Practice section and to Pay Invoices is required.

Generating a List of Unpaid Invoices

1. Go to the Reports section.

2. Click Invoices under Administration.

3. Tick All Locations or click on Select locations box to choose specific locations.

4. Select the Invoice Type which is the Payer of the invoice.

5. Select the date range for unpaid invoices by clicking on the date manually or use preset dates by clicking on the icon next to the date next to Until.

6. Click Generate Report at the bottom right.

A list similar to this one will be generated. If a payment isn’t recorded immediately, it is possible to print the list or download the invoices as PDF files for future reference by clicking on the option on the bottom right.


Paying Invoices in Bulk

1. Once the report is generated, select the invoices to record a payment for by ticking the box on the LEFT side of the invoice line, by choosing Select All or Deselect All. The total amount of selected Invoices will be shown in brackets.

Sort the invoices to help find the one you are looking for. Click on the arrows next to any of the column titles (Date, Location, Third Party, Client)

2. Click Pay Selected Invoices.

3. Type in the Amount if it is different from the unpaid total amount.

4. Add the Date the payment was made/received.

5. Choose the Payment Method.

6. Choose the Location.

7. Add a Reference if relevant to record details about the payment.

You will need to add a Bank and Cheque Number for payment by cheque.

8. Click Save.

Once the payment has been saved, repeat these steps with all the unpaid invoices generated in the list or generate a different list to bulk pay other invoices.


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