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Payments Report

Austin Written by Austin
... on a nifty November day.

The Payments Report lists each Payment recorded against items in invoices, by the payment date, optionally grouped by Staff member.

What can you use this Report for?

Generate this report to calculate staff salaries and commission on payments and to generate a list of payments, including Vouchers and the use of Account Credit.

Filters and Options

Filters Description
Date Payment processed (or dated) within the timeframe.
Location Payment Location.
Staff Payments of items attributed to selected Staff Members (provider or salesperson) to include in the report.
Show Taxed Items Only If ticked, only items with sales tax will be displayed.
Payers Payments made by selected Payers will be included in the report.
Methods Payment methods to include in the report.
Sort Group by Practice for a single global total or Group By Providers for a breakdown of payments per Provider. Please note: When using the Group By Providers option, the Salesperson will be shown instead of the Provider for any invoiced items allocated to the Salesperson.
Services Services to include in the report.
Classes Classes to include in the report.
Inventory Inventory items to include in the report.
Passes Passes to include in the report.
Others Other items to include in the report.

What is displayed in the report?

  • The Summary table lists the total amount paid for each type of payments with sales tax details.
  • Below are details table with the total amount paid per payment method for each item, with sales tax details.
  • When “Group by Providers” is selected, a summary per Provider and/or Salesperson is displayed and detail tables are also divided per Provider/Salesperson.


Column Description
Payment Date Date the payment was processed (or dated).
Invoice No. Invoice number.
Invoice Date Date of the invoice.
Location Payment Location.
Client Name of the Client the item was invoiced for.
Salesperson Staff member attributed to the sale of  the item (provider if no salesperson set)
Item Name of the invoiced item.
Method Payment method.
Subtotal Total amount invoiced for the item (excluding sales tax).
Sales Tax Sales tax added to the item’s total amount.
Item Total Total amount invoiced for the item (including sales tax).
Sales Tax Paid Part of sales tax paid with the payment method
Paid (inc. sales tax) Total amount paid with the payment method for the item.

Tips and Tricks

Refunds are not accounted for in this report.

If an item was partly paid with 2 different payment methods it will be displayed twice (2 different rows), therefore the item total price will be displayed twice. The subtotal, sales tax and item total columns are not to be used to reconcile revenues.

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