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Printing Appointment List for Practitioners

From the Diary, Nookal users can print the bookings for single or multiple practitioners. See steps below for more details.

1. Go to the Diary.

2. Click on the Printer icon at the top right of the Diary.

If the Printer icon is not displayed next to “Options”, it is due to Permissions settings. Ask an account Owner or Manager to update Permissions/Access as needed for the appropriate users.

3. Select the appropriate Location / Providers / Dates.

4. Select the Types of Booking you want to display, whether or not you want to include Cancellations and/or DNAs and other Options.

Tick the option Provider per page if printing schedules of many providers at the same time so they can each have their own page.

5. Click Generate.

Click Generate each time new options are selected so that the generated list reflects the latest specifications before clicking Print.

6. Click Print, Email or Generate as is appropriate.

7. Follow the prompt to print the schedule in the pop-up window that opens displaying a preview.

If no pop-up window appears, double check to make sure the browser being used is not blocking popups.

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