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Private Clinical Notes

Jadzia Written by Jadzia
... on a joyful July day.

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What are Private Clinical Notes?
How to Enable Private Clinical Notes

Need to keep your Clinical Notes hidden from the rest of the team? In this article we explain the Private Clinical Notes setting.

What are Private Clinical Notes?

This feature allows only the author of the Notes to be able to view their entries. This can be really helpful in multidisciplinary clinics where more than one staff member is treating the client, or when the work you do is sensitive.

How to Enable Private Clinical Notes

This setting is applied to the individual user, this means each team member can be set as either Shared or Private Clinical Notes without impacting the other team members.


To enable the setting first head into Setup.


Then select Staff under Users.


Select the Staff Member from the list to edit their staff profile.


Change the Privacy setting from Shared Clinical Notes to Private Clinical Notes.


Save Changes. The changes will be applied the next time this staff member signs in.

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