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Processing a Patient Paid Medicare Easyclaim via Tyro

Nookal Written by Nookal
... on a marvellous March day.

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Client Profile
Medicare Case
Claiming Patient Paid Sessions

If using a Tyro terminal integrated with Nookal, use Medicare Easyclaim for Clients to received their Medicare rebate immediately after paying for their session.

If looking for more details regarding Tyro and Medicare Easyclaim, this process is called Patient Paid.

Prior to claiming with Medicare Easyclaim successfully, 3 sections need to be set properly the Client Profile, The Case and the Booking.

Client Profile

The Client profile requires the Client’s Frist and Last Name, DOB and Gender.

The Client’s Health section needs the Medicare Card details verified and the Claimant if appropriate.

For all the details see Required Client Details for Medicare Claims.

Medicare Case

In order to process successful claims, a Case needs to be set up with all the required details.

It is recommended to change the Case title to EPC or CDM with the year (e.g. “EPC 2020”)

The Case needs Medicare set as the Payer with a Referral Doctor and Date along with the number of sessions approved.

For more detail, see Setting Up a Medicare EPC or CDM Case.


Confirm the booking is linked to the appropriate Case and Payer or change it.

Once all the above has been set, the claim is ready to be processed.

Claiming Patient Paid Sessions


Click Generate Invoice on the appointment screen.



Accept Full Payment via Debit Card.


Next to Claim Online, tick Add to Medicare Queue.


Click Save Invoice to be redirected to the Online Claiming portal.



In the pop-up box that opens, ensure the Item Code and Claim amount are correct.

The item Code needs to be exactly the one Medicare provides or the claim will be rejected.


Select the appropriate Provider Number.


Tick the box of the Item to claim.


Click Medicare Easyclaim with Tyro.


In the small pop-up window that opens, select Medicare – Patient Paid as the Claim Type.


Select the Consultation Type of Location, the appropriate Referral (GP and provider number with the referral date) and click Submit.

From there follow the prompts on the screen and the Tyro Terminal which will indicate when to swipe the Client’s debit card for them to receive the Medicare rebate.

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