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Processing a Payment with HealthPoint

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Once your account is enabled for Tyro payments, you can update your Client’s HealthPoint Card in your Client’s Profile page within the Health section.

Client Profile > Health > Private Health ID 

There are two ways in which you can make a HealthPoint claim for a private-paying client –  the first method is done from the New Invoice screen and the second method is done after raising an invoice.

HealthPoint Claiming When Generating an Invoice

1. Tick the box of the line item on the invoice and fill out the Reference number field.

The Reference number on the invoice is an optional 3 character reference that can relate to the body part treated, for example, a dentist would use “030” to specify a particular tooth that they worked on. This is used to help certify the claim that is being made.


2. Click the Private Health section. Then select the correct Provider Number, the Modality of the Provider, the Tyro terminal and the Patient’s ID.  Click Submit. 

3. On the Tyro Terminal Swipe the Client’s Private Health Insurance Card.

4. The claim will be made via HealthPoint instantly. If the private health fund covers only a partial payment, take the payment for the balance amount of the invoice from your Client. Select the appropriate payment method, for example, a Debit Card payment of $50 via the Tyro terminal to complete the payment.


5. On the Tyro HealthPoint page, select OK. 

If a Tyro payment was made in error, you can make an instant full refund if it done within 24 hours. See article on How to Process a Refund Using the Tyro Terminal for more information.


Making a HealthPoint Payment for an Existing Invoice


1. Open up an invoice which you want to claim for and click on HealthPoint. 




2. Tick the box on the right, enter the Service Code and the Client’s Card Number. Do ensure that all details on this page are correct.

Save an extra step when making claims by updating your Client’s Card Number in the Health section:

Client Profile > Health > Private Health Membership Number

The card number that is saved here will automatically load onto the Client’s Card Number field when making the HealthPoint claim.


3. Click on HealthPoint Claim at the bottom of the page.

4. Ensure that you select the correct details such as the Provider Number, the Modality of the Provider, the Tyro terminal and the Patient’s ID. Once you’re happy with the information you’ve entered, click Submit.

Once this step is complete, the claim will appear on the Claims tab accessible from the HealthPoint Claims page.

5. If the private health fund covers only a partial payment, take the payment for the balance amount of the invoice from your Client. To do so, click the checkbox next to the invoice item, and then click Pay with Tyro.

7. Enter the Location, Payment Amount, and Select terminal.

8. Click Add Payment to send the amount to the Tyro terminal to complete the payment.

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