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Providers and Practice Report

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The Providers and Practice Report lists a wide range of statistics per provider such as amount generated per category and averages, number of consultations and classes and forward booking averages.

What can you use this Report for?

Client Spend

This table is used to get a simple overview of the amount generated per provider, per categories using the date each item is invoiced (regardless of the booking date in the Diary) and some averages, regardless if it has been paid or not.

Use it to work out which provider are generating more income in which category of items. It can be generated for all Locations or a specific Location.

Consultation & Classes

This table is used to have an overview of Clients booking for Consultations and Classes per Provider and some client statistics such as average visits and booking status using bookings in the Diary (regardless of invoice date or when the booking status is changed).

Use it to work out the number of Consultations and participants per Classes for each provider for statistics purposes.

Forward Booking Averages

This table is used to work out Clients future booking behaviour and provider’s ability to rebook clients by looking at all future bookings from the date the report is generated. This table doesn’t rely on the date selected in the filters.

Use it to get an overview of the occupancy of the weeks to come and to help providers manage clients rebooking.

Filters and Options

Below are the different filters and how they affect the report so you can generate a report with the right Data

Filter Client Spend Consult & Classes Forward Booking Average
Date range Invoiced items Bookings N/A
Location Invoice Location Booking Location Booking Location
Providers Provider to be displayed in the tables
Invoices Type All invoices, Private only or Third Party only All invoices, Private only or Third Party only N/A

What is displayed in the report?

Client Spend

Column Description
Services Total amount invoiced for Services.
Classes Total amount invoiced for Classes.
Inventory Total amount invoiced for Inventory.
Passes Total amount invoiced for Passes.
Redemptions Total value of Pass Redemptions (calculated from the Nominal Value of the Pass).
Other Total amount invoiced for Other (one-off) Items.
Average Transaction Average amount invoiced per-Invoice (calculated with Total Sales divided by the total number of Invoices).
Average Client Spend Average amount invoiced per-Client (calculated with Total Sales divided by the total number of Clients).
Total Sales Total amount invoiced for Services, Classes, Inventory and Passes.

Consultations & Classes

Services Total number of Pending and Completed appointments booked. Excludes DNAs and Cancellations.
Completed Consults All consultations booked that have an invoice raised or a pass redeemed.
Unique Clients Total number of clients booked in the Diary for a consultation that is Pending or Completed.
New Clients Clients that attend their first consultation within the period.
New Cases Cases for which the first consultation is booked (pending or completed) within the period.
Client Visit Average Average number of consultations bookings per client within the period and is calculated with Services divided by Unique Clients. Exclude Classes.
Cases Visit Average Average number of consultations per Case and is calculated by: Services divided by the number of Cases that have a consultation Pending or Completed. Exclude Classes bookings and Cases attributed to Classes.
Classes Total number of Classes booked in the Diary.
Participants All Clients that have made a Class booking, regardless of the booking status. A Client with multiple class booking will be counted as many times as they have booked.
Completed Classes The total number of participants that have attended the Class (booking invoiced or a pass redeemed).

Forward Booking Averages


Column Description
Total Appointment All future Services booked in the Diary, starting from the day after the report is generated.
Total Clients Total number of unique Clients booked in the Diary, starting from the day after the report is generated.
Booking Average Average future bookings per client and it is calculated by the Total Appointment divided by Total Clients.
Total Classes All Classes booked in the future that have at least one Client book in, starting from the day after the report is generated.
Total Class Client Total number of Clients booked in the future Classes.
Class Booking Average Average number of Clients booked in future Classes and it is calculated by Total Class Client divided by Total Classes.

Tips and tricks

Looking for more details about the data in each table, click on the Provider’s name.

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