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Getting Started

Everything you need to get up and running with Nookal.

Purchasing SMS Credits

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SMS Credits are required to send SMS messages from Nookal.

Each SMS message uses 1 SMS Credit per part of the message which is 160 characters. SMS replies are free.

SMS can be purchased manually or the automatic refill can be set up when it reaches the limit previously set.

To avoid running out of SMS Credits and having appointment reminders not sent, it is recommended to set up the Automatic Refill.

Buying SMS Credits Manually

1. Head to Setup.

2. Click SMS Credits under Subscription.

3. Click Add Credits.

4. Type in the Amount of Credits to purchase, the total price will be displayed.

5. Select the Payment Method from the Credit Card added in the Subscription page.

6. Click Purchase.

The Amount of SMS will be purchased and added to the account, available to be used instantly.

Setting Up Automatic Refill

1. Head to the SMS Credits section.

2. The Automatic Refill will be set as Disabled, click Change.

3. In the pop-up window, tick Automatic Refill option.

4. Set the Automatic Refill Amount of Credits to be purchased and click Continue.

Once the amount of SMS Credits reach the Alert Level, the Automatic Refill Amount will be purchased so SMS Credits never runs out.

Changing the Alert Level

The Alert level is the level at which Automatic Refill is triggered if enabled or when the alert notification is displayed to notify SMS Credits are running low and remember purchasing more to prevent running out.

1. In the SMS Credits section, the Alert Level is set to 0 by default which means a notification will be displayed when there are no more SMS Credits.

2. Click Change next to Alert Level.

3. Set the number of Credits to trigger the Alert.

4. Click Continue.

Once the amount of SMS Credits reach the alert level, a notification will be shown at the top of the screen and if Automatic Refill is enabled, the set amount of SMS Credits will be purchased.

SMS Credits Added and Used

The Credit Details section displays the Credits Balance, Last Purchase date and the Estimated number of days before Credits are used according to average daily usage.

At the bottom of the SMS Credits section, the Transaction History table displays the amount of Credits Added and Used for each day.

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