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Receiving SMS Replies

If using SMS Messages with Nookal for appointment reminders and other communication, it is possible to enable Clients to reply to these messages and the replies are received in Nookal.

Please note that each SMS reply costs 1/3 of a SMS Credit.

Replies will be received as a notification in the Notification panel at the bottom of the Diary, they will also be saved under the Client Messages history.

It is recommended to establish a protocol to Dismiss notifications needing to be actioned as they will be shown in the Diary for everyone and once they are dismissed by any staff member, they are dismissed for all.

Every Location needs to be set up separately by following the steps below.

1. Go to Setup.

2. Click Locations under Practice.

3. Click on the Location Name in the list.

4. In the Options section, tick Receive SMS.

5. Click Save Changes.

6. Repeat for each Location as appropriate.

Once Locations are enabled to Receive SMS replies from Clients, replies can be tracked in two ways.

1. In the Diary, click on the Notification button.

2. In the Client Profile, Click Messages.

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