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Resetting Medicare Claims

Sam Written by Sam
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Resetting a Claim from the Invoice
Resetting a Claim from the Medicare Report

If Medicare or DVA claims have been stuck in Pending status for longer than usual, you can Reset and Resubmit the claims. Please take a look below for step-by-step instructions on completing this.

The rules for resetting claims:

  • For Medicare, claims must be Pending for more than 72 hours before resetting.
  • For DVA, claims must be Pending for more than 7 days before resetting.

If the claim has not been pending for the times mentioned above, the Reset button will not display. 

Doublecheck your Medicare or DVA claims to ensure that the data you’re submitting, e.g. Provider name and number, referral date, reference number, etc., is correct before resubmitting the claim. This will minimise the risk of the claim being rejected.

Check the Medicare report via Reports > Financials > Medicare to track and reset Pending claims.

Resetting a Claim from the Invoice


Open the invoice and click Online Claims. 


This action will take you to the Online Claim screen. Next, click on the Claims tab.


Click on the Reset button.


Select both checkboxes to acknowledge the decision to Reset the claim, then click Yes.

Your claim is now Reset and ready for you to Resubmit.

Resetting a Claim from the Medicare Report


Go to Reports.


Under Financials, click on Medicare.


When generating the report, select claims with a Pending status.


  Click the Reset button and confirm the decision to Reset the claim.

You will need to scroll to the far right of the Medicare report to see the Reset option.


 The report will re-generate after this action, updating your view to reflect your action of resetting the claim. Repeat this process for all claims that need to be reset. 
Your claim is now ready for you to Resubmit!

If you have a Medicare claim that has been Pending for over 72 hours or a DVA claim that has been pending for over 7 days and there is no Reset button available, please contact support@nookal.com with the Invoice Number.

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