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Reviewing and Finalising Student’s Clinical Notes

In Nookal, it is possible to set up the Permissions for a Supervisor or Teacher to be able to review and finalise Clinical Notes for a Student.

This is enabled by setting up the Clinical Supervisor Roles, see Supervisor Role for Student Clinical Notes for more details.

1. The Student writes the Clinical Notes and Save Draft as they can’t Finalise Clinical Notes.

2. The Supervisor can open the Student Draft from the Client Appointment > Clinical Notes and click on the Draft to open it.

It can be quicker to find Draft with the Clinical Notes report that will display each appointment that have a draft started.

3. The Supervisor can view or edit the Draft and either:

  • Save Draft so it stays under the Student’s name for them to edit further.
  • Finalise if completed and satisfied to take responsibility as the Clinical Note will then be assigned to the Supervisor.

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