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Scheduling a Class in the Diary

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Once a Class has been created in the Setup section, it is quick and easy to schedule Classes in the Diary. Classes can be added as a one-off or as recurrent classes.


In the Diary, click in the appropriate time slot of the Day/Provider column where the first Class should be added.


In the small pop-up window, click Class.


Select the Class from the drop-down list.

Date, start time, end time and Provider details will be generated from the Diary and the Class details already set up.


Select a Room if required.


If it is a Recurring Class, tick Recurring in the Timetable Options. If it isn’t a recurring Class, go to step 9.


Select the days of the week the Class will be recurring.


Select the Frequency the Class will run.


Set the number of Repetitions the Class will run.


Click Check Availability.


Each Class from the recurrence setup will be displayed, untick time slot if required. Occupied time slots will automatically be unticked. Once done click Create Class.


The Class booking page will be displayed where existing and new Clients can be booked for the Class. Click on Back if no Client needs to be book at the time or when done adding Clients to the Class.

Refer to Booking and Managing a Client in a Class for more details.

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