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Security and Privacy

How you (and we) can keep your data safe and secure in Nookal.

Security and Privacy

Austin Written by Austin
... on a nifty November day.

At Nookal, we consider the security and privacy of your account second-to-none.


As a Nookal subscriber, you can enjoy peace of mind with automatic backups of your data. For more information, check out our: Backup Information.


All of your account information is transmitted with encryption, and our infrastructure uses state-of-the-art security. Read more about our: Security Information.

Uptime / Downtime

Our team is constantly monitoring our resources to ensure everything runs optimally and to minimise downtime. Take a look at our: Service Level Agreement (SLA).


We take the privacy of your data (and the data of your customers) very seriously and focus on compliance with international privacy laws. Be sure to read our:

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