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Selling and Managing Gift Vouchers / Certificates

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While there is no specific gift voucher management, generation or tracking, you can use certain features of the accounting system to achieve a solution to suit your internal business process.


To supply a physical gift voucher (created/printed outside of Nookal):

  1. If you don’t have one set up already, add a “Gift Voucher” to your Inventory (Setup > Items > Inventory) and set the price as your minimum value for gift vouchers.
  2. Generate an Ad-hoc Invoice (From the bottom left-hand corner of the Diary page).
  3. Add the “Gift Voucher” inventory item to the Invoice.
  4. Adjust the price of the voucher on the invoice to the desired amount.
  5. Accept payment and process the remainder of the invoice. You can make note of the voucher reference in the Invoice Notes field.
  6. Present the purchaser with the invoice for the sale and the appropriate gift voucher.

When the recipient presents the gift voucher:

  1. Generate an invoice for the service or inventory being supplied.
  2. Use the Voucher payment method:
    • Reference: The reference/tracking number of the voucher.
    • Value: The value to be redeemed from the voucher.
  3. Accept any additional payments and process the remainder of the invoice.
  4. Present the recipient with the invoice and collect/modify the gift voucher if necessary.

Please note:

  • The sale of the voucher will appear in your Banking Report.
  • The payment using the voucher will appear in your Activity Report.
  • The payment using the voucher will not appear in the Banking Report (as money only changed hands during the original sale).
  • There is no tracking of the gift voucher between sale and redemption. If your voucher has a reference number for tracking, it will rely on your business processes to track its validity and/or expiry.
  • If the recipient redeems only part of the value of the voucher, there is no tracking of the remaining value. We would recommend making note of this on the voucher and in your records.
  • If you choose to use this method, do not add Account Credits to the recipient’s account, as this will be tracked as a separate payment and will appear in your Banking Report twice.
  • Both the Payment for the sale of the voucher and the Payment using the voucher will appear in the Clients > Accounts section in the Paid summary.


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