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Sending ACC Claim Invoices in Bulk

Nookal Written by Nookal
... on a delightful December day.

It is possible to send claim invoices in bulk to ACC by following the steps below.

Complete the following to ensure the ACC invoices appear in the ACC Export section:

  1. Set up the ACC integration
  2. Set up the ACC case
  3. Submit the claim to ACC or add a Pre-Submitted ACC claim
  4. Generate the invoice from the ACC appointment
  5. Once the above is completed, follow the instructions below to start sending ACC invoices in bulk.

Head to Manage.


Click ACC Export under Administration.


Select a different Date range, if relevant.


Filter by Provider or Location, if relevant.


Select the Invoice Items to Claim for each invoice.


Once items are selected for each invoice to claim, click Send to ACC.

There will be a confirmation notification displayed confirming the number of claims sent to ACC and the date of submission will be added in the Submitted column.

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