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Tips and Magic Tricks

Things that make you go “Hmmm… that’s good to know.”

Sending Clients Calendar Events

Nookal Written by Nookal
... on an awesome August day.

It is possible to automatically send a confirmation email or a calendar event for Outlook, Google calendars and Apple calendars to Clients who wish to receive a notification for every booking – added, changed or cancelled.

This email will contain all the booking details and an ICS file the Client can open or download to easily add to their personal calendar.

Once the option is enabled, the Client will receive an email for EVERY change that is made to all their bookings.

Enabling iCal from an Appointment in the Diary

1. In the Diary, click on the Client Appointment.

2. Tick the iCal option.







3. Click Save.

Any future changes made to bookings for the Client will send a calendar event invitation.

Enabling iCal from the Client Profile

1. Access the Client Profile.

2. Expand the Settings section and tick the Subscribe for iCal Updates.

3. Click Save Changes.

Any future changes made to bookings for the Client will send a calendar event invitation similar to this one.

The content of this email can’t be customised.

Disabling iCal

To disable iCal so the Client stops receiving email for every booking change, simply untick the iCal option in the Profile or on any of the Client Booking.

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