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Setting up ACC Integration

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Nookal’s integration with ACC allows New Zealand users to submit claims for approval and payment to the Accident Compensation Corporation (ACC).

Follow the steps below to set up the integration.

1. Go to Setup.

2. Click Integrations under

3. Toggle the ACC Integration to Enabled.

4. Click Configure.

5. Click Create New Vendor from the bottom-right of the page.

6. Enter in a Vendor Name (e.g. Clinic or Location name).

7. Enter the Vendor ID.

The Vendor ID is generally in the format of 3 numbers followed by 3 letters – for example ZZZ123.

8. Enter GST Number.

9. Enter the Facility Number if applicable (Optional).

10. Enter the Contract ID if applicable (Optional).

11. Click Add Vendor.

Once these steps have been completed the ACC integration page should look as below and is ready to add providers. 

Adding Providers to the ACC Integration

Each provider must have an ACC Provider Type selected in their staff profile via Setup > Users > Staff.


They must also have a Registration Number set up in their Staff profile in order for them to submit claims. Find more information on setting this up on Managing Provider and Registration Numbers.

1. Click on the Green + icon in the Providers column.

2. Select the Provider from the drop-down list of available providers.

3. Upload the provider’s Digital Certificate as supplied by ACC.

You will find this file within the CD provided to you by ACC. This file must end with .pfx and should look similar to this:


4. Enter the Passcode for the Provider.

5. Click Add Provider.

6. Repeat these steps until all required providers have been added to the integration.

Adding ACC45 Sequence Number (optional)

It is possible to add ACC45 Sequence Number while setting up the ACC integration to be used when creating New Claims. If none are set, it will be possible to use custom or ad-hoc number at the time the claim is created.

To apply for a unique generated ACC 45 sequence number, call the ACC Provider Help line on 0800 222 070 and select Option 2.


Alternatively, you can email number.allocation@acc.co.nz to request a unique generated ACC 45 sequence number, remember to include your vendor number in the email.


A computer generated ACC 45 sequence will be emailed to you, and this sequence should be added in the Nookal ACC integration page.


1. Click Add Sequence.

2. Type in a Prefix.

3. Add the starting number and the maximum number it can reach in the From No. and To No. fields.

4. Click Add.

Adding Service Codes

Once ACC is linked to Nookal, the ACC Service Codes and Billing Type can be applied to Services and Classes. Once added, the ACC Service Code and Billing Type are automatically applied to the item when submitting an invoice to ACC.

1. Go to Setup > Items > Services.

2. Click on the Service to open the details page.

3. Under Integrations tick Enable Integrations.

4. Next to ACC, select the ACC Code from the available options.

5. Select the Billing Method (Units, Time, Travel or Flat Fee).

6. Click Save Changes.

7. Repeat for all items as relevant.


Once this has been set up the account is ready to process claims.

See Submitting a New ACC Claim to learn more about claiming.

  • To View all Providers that have been set up in the integration click the Green Eye icon
  • To Remove a Provider, click on the “X” button next to the Provider’s Name within the View Provider screen
  • You can Edit the Vendor Name, Vendor ID, Facility Number and GST Number fields by clicking on the Pen icon to the right-hand side of the integration page > Editing the Field > then clicking Edit Vendor

  • If you need multiple Vendors set up, you can add another vendor by clicking Create New Vendor and following steps 5-11 above
  • You can Deactivate a Vendor by clicking on the icon below


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