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Setting Up Classes for Online Bookings

Sam Written by Sam
... on a magical May day.

The following instructions are for the New Online Bookings system.

For information on Setting up Classes for the Legacy Online Bookings system please click here.

Ensuring that your Classes are set up correctly for Online Bookings means Clients can conveniently book them at any time.

If your Online Booking Classes, Staff, Location, and Services are already setup, you can quickly match the Providers to their Classes by heading along to Setup > Extensions > Online Bookings – New > click on the Location Name > Scroll to the bottom of the page.


In the table under Available Types, tick the Classes tab and select the Classes under each Provider’s name and Save Changes to make them available for Online Bookings.

This article explains how to enable Classes for online bookings to help understand what Clients will see at the time of booking.


Go to Setup.


Click Classes under Items.


Click on a specific Class.


Tick the Enable Integrations checkbox.


Enter a Name that will be displayed online for the Class. It can be the same as the Name displayed on the Diary or something different to help clients select the appropriate Class.


Add a Description that will help clients make their choice (optional).


Choose whether or not the Price will be displayed online by ticking/leaving the Show Price box.


If the Nookal account is linked to an Online Payment platform, tick the Online Payments option to enable Clients to pay online when completing the online booking.

It is also possible to request payment prior to completing the booking, simply tick Payment Required To Complete Booking.


Make sure the Class’s Category is accurate and precise as the Services and Classes will be sorted by Category.


Make sure the maximum number of Participants is accurate to avoid overbooking.


Click Upload Photo to add a photo that will be visible to Clients when selecting a Class. This is optional, but recommended.


Click Save Changes.


Repeat these steps for each Class that will be offered online.

The Class Categories are fixed alphabetically; however, you can order how the Classes appear within their respective categories by adjusting their order using the Up-Down arrows in the Setup > Items > Classes area.

Setting up Classes is only one step in having them displayed on the Online Booking system.

Configuration of the Staff, Location, and Services is also essential in completing the Online Bookings setup.

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