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Setting Up

Nookal integrates with to facilitate the management of telehealth consultations.

Follow the steps below to set up the integration or click here to find out about how to launch video conferences from Nookal.

To integrate Nookal with, an active account is required. If you don’t have one, head to to see if this product is suitable for your practice.

Connecting Nookal with

1. Go to the Setup section.

2. Click Integrations under Connections. 


3. Enable from the list of available integrations and click Configure. 

4. Copy the provider’s specific link from the account (Dashboard > Copy).

5. In Nookal, paste the link next to the Provider’s name.

Every link (URL) can only be used by one provider.

6. Repeat for every provider by copying/pasting their own unique link.

7. Click Save.

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