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Setting Up Medipass

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Nookal integrates with Medipass for ease of third-party payments.

What is Medipass?

Medipass aims to modernise Australian healthcare billing and claiming. This is a central connection point to the numerous bodies that fund clients’ care.
Medipass integration to Nookal allows raising claims and invoices for:

  • Medicare
  • DVA
  • Private health insurers
  • Patient-funded (credit card payment)

All these transactions can be processed without the use of a terminal.

1. A Medipass account is needed before setting up the integration, if you don’t already have one, head to medipass.com.au to see if this product is suitable for your practice and to sign up.


2. Access to Medicare and DVA from your Medipass account is also required to claim Medicare/DVA with Medipass. Find out how to request access to Medicare and DVA from within your Medipass account here.

Once a Medipass account is set up with access to Medicare/DVA, follow the steps below to set up the integration to claim with Medipass within Nookal.

Connecting Medipass to Nookal

1. Go to Setup.

2. Select Integrations under Connections.


3. Enable Medipass from the list of available integrations and click Configure. 

4. Click Add Key at the bottom right-hand side corner.

5. Add a name and Copy/paste the API key provided by Medipass in the relevant fields.

For more help to find the Medipass API key here.

6. Click Add.

The API will be added in the Medipass Setup page.

Adding Claimable Items

Once Medipass is linked to Nookal, Services and Classes will need to be set as Claimable.

7. Go to Setup > Items > Services.

8. Click on the Service to open the details’ page.

9. In the Integrations section, tick the box “is Claimable” next to Medipass.

Enable Integrations needs to be ticked for the item to be able to claim it with Medipass.

10. Click Save Changes.

11. Repeat for all items as relevant.

12. Once the items are set as claimable, go back to Setup > Connections > Integrations > Medipass to see the items set as Claimable.

13. Add the require Code to successfully claim these items with Hicpas, Medicare and DVA in the appropriate tab.

14. Once all the codes are added, click Save Custom Codes.

Medipass is now ready. See Claiming with Medipass for more details on the claiming process.

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