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Setting Up Online Payments with PayPal (Legacy)

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Connecting Nookal with PayPal
Setting Up Online Payments for Online Bookings
Clients Online Payment Process

Nookal integrates with PayPal to enable Clients to pay online. It also integrates with the Online Booking platform so it is possible to request Services and Classes to be paid at the time of the booking.

Below explains how to set up this integration and have online payment options added to Nookal’s Online Booking platform. For more details on using PayPal to request online payments for invoices not related to Online Bookings, click here.

Connecting Nookal with PayPal

To integrate Nookal with PayPal, an active PayPal account is required. If you don’t have one, head to to see if this product is suitable for your practice.


Go to the Setup section.


Click Integrations under Connections. 



Enable PayPal from the list of available integrations and click Configure. 


Click Add API Key.


Select for which Locations the API Key will be used.

Each Location can only be linked to a single API Key. If the Add API Key button is not displayed, every Location is already linked to an API Key. Use the “bin” icon to delete the API Key if a Location needs a different API Key.


To retrieve API Keys, login and click on Developer at the top left corner to reach the Dashboard. You might be required to enter your login details again.


Open an App in My Apps & Credentials section by clicking on it.

If required to create a new App, click Create App and follow the prompts.


Copy the Client ID and Secret.

If setting up the integration before the PayPal account is live, the API Keys will need to be updated in Nookal to receive payments as they won’t be the same as the keys as the “Sandbox keys”.


Paste the Client ID in the API key field and the Secret in the secret key field.


Click Save.

The Locations and Client ID will be displayed in the PayPal setup page.

For security purposes, it is not possible to edit the API keys or Location once saved. To make some changes, the existing keys will need to be deleted and new API keys will need to be added from the start.

Repeat steps 4 onwards to link additional Locations to different API Keys (if appropriate).

Setting Up Online Payments for Online Bookings

The following instructions are for the Legacy Online Bookings system.

For information on Setting up Paypal Online Payments for the New Online Bookings system please click here.

Once the Paypal integration is set up, enable Services and Classes to be paid via the Online Bookings platform.


Go to Setup > Items > open the Services or Classes section.


Click on the Service and tick the Enable Integrations option if not already ticked.


In the Integrations section, enable Online Payments.



Tick Payment Required To Complete Booking if payment is needed for this type of Service or Class.

If Clients can use Passes to pay for Services or Class, it is not recommended to tick the Payment Required box, otherwise Clients won’t be able to finalise the booking without paying. Not requiring the payment will mean the Client can choose to pay now or later.

In this situation, if a Client has not paid when booking, it is possible to invoice the Service, Class or a Pass and send via PayPal for the Client to pay online. See Accepting Online Payments with PayPal for more details.


Click Save Changes.

The Online Booking platform will be automatically updated with the Online Payments option. No update or modification required in the Online Bookings section.

In the Online Booking setup page (Setup > Extensions > Online Bookings > Click on a Location), the Online Payments setup is displayed in the table of available types of bookings.

  • No online payments available: X
  • Optional online payments: tick
  • Payments required: tick and Payment Required

These options will be reflected in the choice Clients can select to finalise the booking as shown above.

Clients Online Payment Process

After selecting the Type of Booking, Provider, Time/Date of the booking, Clients need to agree to Terms and Conditions and click Finish or Finish & Pay according to the set up for the selected Booking type.

If the Payment Required box all Clients need to pay while booking online. The only option to finalise the booking will be Finish & Pay.

If some Client don’t need to pay when booking (e.g. using Passes) do not tick the Payment Required box so Client have the option to book without paying (Finish) or pay (Finish & Pay) and add details about the payments in the Terms.

If the Client clicks Finish & Pay, they will be redirected to the payment page to pay with Paypal or enter the Credit Card Details to pay.

Once the payment is successful, the Client will see the Booking Confirmation screen and receive a Booking Confirmation email.

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