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Setting up “Other” Referrers for Marketing

Nookal Written by Nookal
... on a nifty November day.

Referrers are used for two purposes in Nookal:

  • Tracking where Clients heard about the practice for Marketing (explained in this article)
  • Medical Referral to be displayed on invoices for claiming third-party payers (not covered in this article, more details in Adding Contacts).

This article explains how to create Referrers that are not part of the Contact database such as specific promotions, advertisement, collaborators (e.g. newspaper ad, collaboration with a local business, etc.)

To found out more about how to record Referrers in Client Profile, see Recording How Clients Heard About the Practice.


Go to Setup.


Click Referrers under Practice.


Click Add New Referrer on the bottom right of the page.


Enter a Referrer Name.


Click Save.

The new Referrer will be added to the Referrers list.

Referrers are listed in the “Other” category and can be added in the Referrer section to any Case.

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