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Setting Up Staff for Online Bookings

Sam Written by Sam
... on a magical May day.

The following instructions are for the New Online Bookings system.

For information on Setting up Staff for the Legacy Online Bookings system please click here.

Ensuring that your Staff Members are set up correctly for Online Bookings means Clients can easily book Appointments and Classes with them at any time, day or night.

If your Online Booking Staff, Locations, Services and Classes are already setup, you can quickly match the Providers to their Services by heading along to Setup > Extensions > Online Bookings – New > click on the Location Name > Scroll to the bottom of the page.


In the table under Available Types, tick the Services under each Provider’s name to make them available for Online Bookings.
Then repeat for any Classes from within the Classes tab and Save Changes.

Please follow the steps below to enable Staff for Online Bookings, and adjust their settings as preferred.


Go to Setup.


Click Staff under Users.


Click on the name of the Staff Member.


Make sure the Staff Member’s Discipline is correct as it will be displayed online.

If a Nickname is added in the Staff Profile page, the Nickname will be displayed on Online Bookings instead of the First Name.


Click Upload Photo to add a photo that will be visible to Clients when selecting a provider. This is optional, but recommended.



Tick Enable Integrations on the right-side column.

The Integrations option will only be shown if the Staff Member is a Provider with an active Diary.


Add a short Biography that Clients can read when booking online. This is optional, but recommended.


If enabled, Double-book will allow multiple bookings in the same time slot when clients book online.

Events can be added to block certain spots in the Diary from being booked, even if Double-book is enabled.


Choose to Notify the Provider of Online Bookings by SMS, Email or both. Alerts for Online Bookings will also appear in the Notifications section of the Message Centre if this has been setup via Online Bookings Location Setup.

If the SMS option is enabled, this will cost SMS Credits. For more information about purchasing SMS Credits please click here.

The Mobile number and Email address used for sending Online Bookings notifications are obtained from the Phone and Email fields in the Staff profile as pictured below.



Choose to add a Secondary Email address to Notify another staff member by Email when an Online Booking is made.


Click Save Changes.


Repeat for each Staff member that needs enabling for Online Bookings.

Verify that the Schedule of each staff member is accurate in the Diary to avoid booking unavailable spots. See Setting Up Staff Schedules for more information.

Enabling Staff is only the first step to have them displayed on the Online Booking system.

Configuration of the Location, Services and/or Classes for each Provider is essential for them to be shown as available in Online Bookings.

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