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Setting Up Staff Schedules

Nookal Written by Nookal
... on a marvellous March day.

This article explains how to set up Staff Schedules. Whether booking availability is always the same or changes frequently, it can all be set up in advance. See steps below for how to set up Staff Schedules.

In Nookal, you can:

  • Work across different locations.
  • Create schedules that are different every day of the week.
  • Create different schedules for fortnightly or monthly variations.
  • Manage annual leave, see Setting up Annual Leave for a Provider for more details.

To set up a Staff Schedule, the Staff member needs a Diary column. In the Staff page, the  Provider and Diary boxes need to be ticked.


Head to the Diary:


Click on the Settings icon located in the top right corner of the window.



In the Options window that opens, head to Set Schedule For, select the Practitioner and click on the blue button.


Select the Location tab for which you want to add a schedule for the Practitioner.

If there are a large amount of Locations, they will be displayed in a dropdown menu instead.


Click on Add Schedule.


Work Week should be ticked, click on Next.


Select the occurrence of the schedule (weekly, fortnightly, etc) and the days of the week this exact schedule applies.

A different schedule is required for every day that has different available time periods and for every location. All these schedules will integrate within the Diary.


Select Start Time and Finish Time and click Next.

The times displayed in the drop-down menu for Starts and Finishes are in 5 minute intervals, as this is the lowest common denominator for all Diary Time Slots.


Select the starting and finishing date for this schedule then click on Next. This is useful to set the schedule for a future change or to create schedules that do not run weekly.


Click on Add Break. If not required, head to step 12.


Set the start and finish time and a Label for the break.

Click on the plus icon to add more breaks or the minus icon to remove a break.


Once done, click Save.


Repeat for every different schedule.

The Schedules will be displayed per Practitioner per Location with the total amount of hours for the duration selected.

To view the full details of the Practitioners schedules, click on Detail View at the bottom.

Once done with a practitioner, click on the Practitioner’s Name and select another one from the dropdown list to edit someone else’s schedule or click on the X in the top right-hand side corner to head back to the Diary.

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