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Getting Started

Everything you need to get up and running with Nookal.

Setting up What You See in the Diary

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Each Nookal user can set up their Diary based on their preferences without affecting what other colleagues see in their accounts.

Diary Tabs + Tabs Toggle

At the top of the Diary, there are different categories of tabs depending on the account setup.

The Tabs Toggle located on the right-hand side of the Diary tabs switches between the Location tabs and the Practitioner and Classes tabs.




Location Tab: Labelled with the name of the Location, these tabs will display the Diary for the specific Location selected.

Practitioner Tab: The Practitioner tab displays the schedule of a single practitioner at the time for every Location they are enabled.

Classes Tab: The Classes Tab displays every Class booked in the Diary for all Locations.

Reordering Diary Tabs

Every user can reorder the Diary tabs to their own preferences.

1. Click on the Settings icon located in the top right corner of the window.


2. Click on the Up-Down Arrow and drag the Tab up or down. The Tab at the top will be the first one on the left-hand side of the Diary.

Hide a Location that is not required by setting it to Hide.

3. When done, click on the Save icon.

Columns in the Diary can be managed for each Tab.

Managing Columns in the Diary

Choose which providers are visible on the Diary and reorder their columns.

1. Click on the Settings icon.


2.Click on the Arrow on the right of the Tab to expand it.

3. Click on the Up-Down Arrow to the left of a Provider’s Name to drag and drop the Provider to change the order. The name at the top will be the first column on the left in the Diary.

4. Choose each provider’s visibility by clicking on the Visibility status next to their name.

The 3 options are:

  • Show – Always displayed in the Tab.
  • Automatic – Will only display providers with a booking or scheduled availability for the date range displayed.
  • Hide – Will never be displayed regardless if there are bookings.

Changing the Visibility Status of the Tab will automatically change the visibility status of all providers within the Tab.

5. Once done, click on the Save icon.

Other Viewing Options

You can choose between a few options regarding time and appointment displayed.

1. Click on the Settings icon.


2. Set the default Calendar settings:

  • Calendar View – Days of the Week
  • Diary Start Time and End Time
  • Column Width

Be careful when setting up your start and end time to make sure there are no bookings falling outside of these. Any bookings outside of your start and end times will not be visible in the Diary.

3. Select other options:

  • Show Current Time: Select how the current time of the day is displayed in the Diary.
  • Hide Appointment Time: This option hides the times from showing on bookings in the Diary.
  • Hide Clients: This option hides client names when showing the diary to other people who shouldn’t see names.
  • Auto-Scroll: This option will auto-scroll to the current time of day when navigating to the Diary to easily find current appointments.
  • 24-hour Times: Shows appointments/classes in 24h-hour format instead of 12-hour format.

3. When done, click on the Save icon.


Day, Week or Month View

Simply click on the time range required to display schedules for a day, a week or a month.

Practitioner Tab

Classes Tab

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