Setup Guide


Nookal is a user-friendly practice management software which can be set up by account Owners and Users depending on their Permissions within the account.

Before starting to use Nookal, it is important to configure your account correctly. This will simplify everyday use and generate accurate reporting on practice performance.

Key Steps to Starting on the Right Foot

There are 12 key steps to setting up your Nookal account as well as a number of additional useful tools. This document suggests where to start and explains the implication of each item on the overall performance of Nookal. Clicking on a specific item will lead to the step by step setup process to configure the related section.

1. Adding your business details, logo and creating additional Locations.

2. Adding staff members, giving them access and setting practitioners as Providers to create columns in the Diary.

3. Managing Permissions groups to control who has access to which information and functionalities.

4. Setting Diary Time Slots and provider schedules. Each staff member can also customise what is displayed in their Diary without affecting other staff Diary display.

5. Create Services – individual sessions booked for Clients in available slots.

6. Create Classes – group sessions in which multiple Clients can be booked.

7. Create as many different Clinical Note Templates as needed using the charts and different field types available.

8. Create Letter Templates using placeholders to save precious time when writing letters.

9. Add your database of Contacts or create Contacts for all third-party payers, referrers and other people or businesses that need to be contacted for invoices, letters, claims etc…

10. Create appointment reminders that can be sent by email or SMS. Once these are set up, no need to think about it, they will go out automatically.

11. Create Case Titles to be selected from a dropdown list when creating new Cases. Internal reports track the Case titles seen and generate statistics on new cases, number of sessions, etc…

12. Create Client Forms and be completely paperless. With the Client Form, Clients can enter their details and consent to treatment electronically.

Additional setup

Once the above steps have been completed, Nookal is ready to be used. However, depending on your practice settings, it might be beneficial to configure additional features and tools listed below before getting started. More information regarding these sections is available in the Nookal Help Centre.

1. It is possible to import client demographics from an existing client database (CSV file).

2. Create stock items and manage quantities to easily invoice Inventory items.

3. Create Passes to manage packages of multiple sessions or subscriptions.

4. If some details collected from Clients have no specific fields in Nookal, create Extra fields, these will be displayed in the Extra section of the Client Profile.

5. Configure Online Bookings and share the link or embed the form on your website.

6. Create Referrers for marketing reports and collaborators to help identify where Clients heard about the practice.

7. Create Discounts that can be applied to invoices so it is easy to track frequency and amount given in discount.


There are many more features and options available in Nookal. To find out more, head to and browse through the different sections or contact us by creating a ticket.