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Setup Guide for Online Bookings (Legacy)

Nookal Written by Nookal
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Enabling Staff Members
Enabling Classes and Services
Setting Up Locations for Online Bookings
Generating a Link to Access Online Bookings

The following instructions are for the Legacy Online Bookings system.

For information on Setting up the New Online Bookings system please click here.

Nookal offers an online booking platform for Clients to book appointments and classes online. With a range of customisable options, users can configure Online Bookings to fit their practice needs.

Follow the steps below and refer to the related articles to set up Online Bookings.

Enabling Staff Members

Every practitioner needs to be enabled for Integrations to be available for Online Bookings.


In Setup > Users > Staff, click on the practitioner’s name and tick Enable Integrations.

For all the details see Setting Up Staff for Online Bookings.


The Photo, the Discipline and the Biography in the staff page will be visible to Clients.

If a Nickname is added in the Staff Profile page, the Nickname will be displayed on Online Bookings instead of the First Name.

Enabling Classes and Services

Only Classes and Services enabled for Integration will be displayed online for Clients to book for.


In Setup > Items > Classes or Services, click on the specific Class or Service and tick Enable Integrations.


Add a Name and Description to be displayed online so Clients can recognise the Service or Class.


Select whether or not to display the price.

For more details see Setting Up Services for Online Bookings and Setting Up Classes for Online Bookings.

Setting Up Locations for Online Bookings

Each Location needs to be set up independently so that Providers are matched with the appropriate Services and Classes for each Location. Only these specific selections can be booked online by Clients.


In Setup > Extensions > Online Bookings – Legacy, click on the Location and set the Status as Active.


Configure booking options (e.g. availability displayed, confirmation email, intake form to be sent, lead time, etc.)


In the table at the bottom of the page, tick all the Services or Classes provided by the different Staff members in the column under their name.

For more details see Setting Up Locations for Online Bookings.

Once the Online Bookings setup is completed, a link, URL or button can be generated to share the Online Booking page so Clients can access it.


In Setup > Extensions > Online Bookings – Legacy, select a starting point and a type of code and click Generate.


Copy the link or code and send it out or put it where it needs to go (e.g. website, email signature, etc).

For all the details on generating links see Generating a Link for Online Bookings.

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