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Submitting Invoices to ACC

Nookal Written by Nookal
... on a marvellous March day.

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When Generating the Invoice
Once the Invoice has Been Saved

Prior to submitting invoices for payment, make sure claims have been submitted and approved by ACC. Click on Pre-submitted claims or new claims to find appropriate instructions.

Once the ACC claim status is approved, invoices can be submitted for payment. There are two ways to submit the invoices:

    • When generating the invoice.
    • Once the invoice has been saved.

The two sections below explain how to do so.

When Generating the Invoice


In the Diary, click on the Client Appointment.


Click Generate Invoice.


Make sure all the invoice and item details are accurate.

Any extra fees charged on top of the ACC fee schedule need to be invoiced as a separate item. See Managing Patient Surcharge with ACC.


At the bottom of the invoice, tick the Add to ACC Queue checkbox.


Click Save Invoice. This will open up the ACC Claiming section.


Next to the ACC Claim drop-down, select the correct claim so it pre-fills the Code(s) into the claimable item.


Add in a Contract ID, if applicable.


Add in any additional Comments, if applicable.


Under the Item menu, add more Diagnosis Code(s) if required by clicking the Plus icon underneath the Code(s) section.


Select the Billing Method.

Once the Billing Method is selected, add in relevant details (e.g. Hour, Min, amount of units…)


Add a Comment, if applicable.


Select the checkbox next to the invoice Items to be claimed for payment.


Click Submit Claim.

Once the invoice has been submitted, the status will change to Queued, which means the invoice has been sent for payment to ACC.

Once the Invoice has Been Saved


Open the Invoice. If you require assistance finding the invoice, see Finding an Existing Invoice.


Click the ACC Claims button at the bottom of the invoice.


This will open the ACC claiming window. Follow steps 6 onward from the section above to claim the items.

Track the status of these submitted invoices via the Claims tab on the invoice or the ACC Claiming Report.

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