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Getting Started

Everything you need to get up and running with Nookal.

Subscribing to Nookal

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Once your practice wisely decides to move forward with Nookal, the next step is to subscribe to prevent any interruption of services or loss of data once the free trial expires.

Nookal operates on a month by month subscription basis. Payment will be taken automatically, at the end of the 30-day free trial, on the pre-selected card each month, so once it is set up there is no need to worry about it.

Even if the subscription is set up days or weeks before the end of the free trial, the first payment will only be taken at the end of the 30-day free trial period.

1. To select the subscription plan, go to Setup.

2. Click Subscription under Subscription.

Selecting a Plan

Select the appropriate plan to accommodate all the Providers requiring a Diary column.

To calculate how many licenses are needed, count every staff member that has a column in the Diary, regardless if they are full time or part-time. No need to count any support staff (reception, bookkeepers, administration…) as they can all have access free of charge.

If more than 12 licenses are required, click Talk to us so we can quote for the required number of licenses.

Adding Payment Method

Nookal only accepts Credit Cards as payment method. American Express is not accepted.

1. Add the Card number, CVV (security number on the back of your card) and Expiration Date.

2. Click Add.

Adding Billing Details

1. Add Full Name, Company Name, Email and Phone number.

The email address will receive monthly receipts of payment and any warnings regarding transaction errors such as an expired card. In case of changes, updating the email is important to prevent any interruption of service.

2. Click Save.

Adding or Changing the Credit Card

1. Click Add Credit Card.

2. Add the Card number, CVV (security number on the back of your card) and Expiration Date.

3. Click Add.

This new Credit Card will be used for future payments.

Choosing a Plan

9. Select a Plan according to the number of licenses you need. If the amount of licenses needed is not displayed, scroll to the right and click Talk to Us so we can get you set up with our custom pricing.

10. Click Pay.

It can take some time for the subscription to be processed, refreshing or changing the page while the progress bar is still loading might cancel your transaction.

Once the subscription is active, the plan will be selected and the next payment amount and date will be displayed on the bottom right corner.

Updating your Subscription

Changing plans is just as easy! If additional licenses are required, the plan can be upgraded at any time and the price will be adjusted on pro-rata for the month. The same applies if fewer licenses are required, as soon as a license is no longer in use, it is possible to select a different plan and a credit will be applied to the account to be used for the next month’s billing period.

If reducing the number of licenses, the plan subscription will not be updated automatically, you need to select the new appropriate plan (or contact us if the plan is not displayed) so you start paying a smaller subscription fee at the pro-rata of the month.

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