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Updates to the Medicare Report 2022

Sam Written by Sam
... on a stunning September day.

Please find below the list of changes to the Medicare Report following the transition to Web services in 2022. 

The Medicare Report can be located by navigating to Reports > Financials > Medicare, and more information about the Report can be located here.

Additional Status Types

There are 3 new Status options to cater for Submitting Medicare Pendable Claims. These statuses are Pendable, Pended, and Expired.

Claim ID

The format of the Claim ID has been updated to a long string of characters starting with SAP, and the following characters indicate the date and time the Claim was submitted.

Transaction ID

The Transaction ID is brand new information and is the best reference number to quote when contacting Medicare for any issues relating to electronic claiming.  The format is similar to the Claim ID; however, it will always be slightly different.


The DVA Claim Type no longer shows text for Bulk Bill underneath.


Client Fully Paid Claims (Client Reimbursements) will show the expected Medicare benefits to be paid directly into the  Patient or Claimants bank account.  

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