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Updating Permissions for the Message Centre

Sam Written by Sam
... on a fabulous February day.

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Updating Permissions for Mail, Tasks, Notifications and Waiting List
Updating Permissions for Chat

Message Centre functionalities can be enabled or disabled by users with access to Manage Staff Permissions.

Updating Permissions for Mail, Tasks, Notifications and Waiting List

Each Nookal account comes with all Message Centre functionality switched on by default, however, if you happen to find yours has been switched off, or you’d like to customise what you and your staff see, this can be actioned in the Permissions section.

To do this:


Navigate to Setup > Users > Permissions.


Scroll down until you find the Message Centre heading.


Toggle the required functions on or off for each Permission Group as preferred.


Save Changes.

The Message Centre should now be updated to reflect these changes after the next login of each Staff member.

Updating Permissions for Chat

The global permissions for chat are located in the Advanced Features section. For more information on enabling and disabling Chat please follow the instructions here.

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