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Updating Your Business Name

Jadzia Written by Jadzia
... on an ostentatious October day.

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Locations, Invoices, and Letterheads
SMS Display Name
Invoices to Your Business

In this help article we’ll cover how to update your Business Name across the various sections of Nookal.

Locations, Invoices, and Letterheads

To change the name on the headers of your invoices and letters you’ll need to adjust the Location settings.


Go into Setup.


Next head into Locations under Practice.


Now click on the Location Name from the list to open the Location Setup menu.


Change the Name in the Company textbox. You may also want to update the Location Name if this has also changed.


You might also need to adjust your Letter Addressing.
If your Locations currently have the [Address.Company] Placeholder in the Letter Addressing section no further action is needed.

If not, you’ll need to adjust your Letter Addressing by manually typing in the updated details.


Once all of the necessary fields are updated select Save Changes in the bottom right corner.

Repeat Steps 3 – 6 for each Location that needs to be updated.

SMS Display Name

Want to also change the name attached to the SMS messages you send your clients?
This is called the Text Label and consists of 1-11 Letters.

The Text Label can’t be changed from within your account, but if you’d like this to better reflect your new business name reach out to our friendly Support Team and we can arrange for this to be updated for you.

Note: Text labels can not be added for Locations that have SMS Replies enabled.

Invoices to Your Business

To update the business name on the invoices Nookal sends to you for your Subscription and Credit Purchases, you’ll want to adjust the name in the Account Details


Head into Setup.


Then Subscription under Subscription.


Finally select View at Account Information.


Change the Name in the Company textbox. Then Save Changes.

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