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Using Charts in Clinical Notes

Sam Written by Sam
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Uploading a Chart
Editing Charts
Adding a Chart to a Clinical Notes Template
Changing Charts when Writing Clinical Notes

Upload an image stored on your computer as a Chart for use in Clinical Notes templates.

Only JPG, PNG or GIF images can be uploaded as Charts in Nookal.

Uploading a Chart


Go to Manage.


Click Clinical Templates under Clinical.


Click Upload Chart on the bottom right corner of your screen.


Click ‘Click to Upload‘.


Select the Chart from its location on your Computer.



If successful, you will see the below confirmation.


The Chart will also display in the list of available Charts.

Editing Charts

Charts can be Renamed, have the Discipline Edited, or Deleted.

To find these options:


Select the Chart from the list.


A blue menu will appear on the right of the screen. Depending on which action you’d like to take, select from the options and follow the prompts.

Adding a Chart to a Clinical Notes Template

After the Chart has been uploaded you can select this image from within the Chart field in your Clinical Notes templates.

Find more information on Creating Clinical Notes templates and adding Chart fields here > https://www.nookal.com/help/creating-clinical-note-templates

Changing Charts when Writing Clinical Notes

It’s possible to change the type of Chart selected in any template with a Chart field at the time of Writing Clinical Notes.

To do this, click on the Body icon to select a different Chart from the list of Charts you have uploaded in Nookal.

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