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Using Extras in Client Forms

Sam Written by Sam
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Using Extras in Client Forms is a great way to personalise the information captured from a Client Form submission, such as a list of targeted questions. This article will explain the best way to Label Extras to ensure they appear in the correct order within a Client Form.

Setting up Extras for Client Forms

1. Go to Setup.

2. Click Extras under Practice.

3. Click Add Field at the bottom right corner.

4. Add a Label to the Field.

If the goal is to add multiple Extras Fields, such as a list of questions that need to be in a certain order, this is where the formatting is set. Depending on the number of Extras Fields needed, it is recommended to order using a prepending number or letter in each Field. For example, prepend the Extras Fields with either 01. 02. 03. and so on or A. B. C. and so on.

If using numbers for ordering, single digits need to start with a 0.

5. Select the desired field Type (e.g. Text, Multiple choice, Checkboxes, Drop-down, etc.)

6. Add a Default answer (Optional).

7. Add directions or information to assist with completing the field via Help/Info (Optional).

8. Set the Field as Active.

9. Complete steps 3 – 8 until you have added all of the required questions, remembering to prepend them with a number or letter.

10. Once you have created all of the required Fields, click Save Changes at the bottom right corner.

Adding Extras in Client Forms

After the Extras have been setup, they can be added to the Client Form. If you already have a Client Form setup, please follow the steps below to add in the Extras.

If you are starting the Client Form from scratch, please read the Creating a Client Form.

1. Go to Setup.

2. Click Client Forms under Extensions.

3. Click on the name of the form the Extras are to be added to.

4. Under Extras, click on Selection and then click into the field below to Select Extras.

5. Select all Extras that need to be added.

6. Check the Preview on the right-side of the page to check the Extras are ordered correctly.

9. Click Save Form when done.

Once your Client Form is ready to be used, see Using the Client Form for more information on the process and different options for Clients to access the Form.

All of the Extras Fields created will be displayed in the Extras section of the Client Profile, and will be filled out after the Client Form has been completed by the Client.

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