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Using Google Analytics with Online Bookings

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📖 In This Article

Important Changes
Cookies, Privacy, and Consent
Install Google Analytics 4
Configure Cross-Domain Tracking
Events and Conversions
Connect Google Ads to Analytics
Advanced Tracking: UTM Parameters

Google Analytics is a service that tracks and reports on website traffic. When integrated with Nookal Online Bookings, it can help you gain insight on your visitor’s journey.

Please note – this guide assumes that:

  1. You have Google Analytics 4 successfully implemented on your website.
  2. You have Nookal Online Bookings successfully implemented on your website.
  3. You know how to navigate the Google Analytics 4 platform.
  4. You are familiar with the terminology used throughout Google Analytics 4.

Using Google Tag Manager? If you use Tag Manager to manage Google Analytics on your website, start here first – Using Google Tag Manager with Online Bookings.

The following instructions are for the New Online Bookings system.

For information on Using Google Analytics for the Legacy Online Bookings system please click here.

🚨 Important Changes

As of June 2023, we’ve made some changes to the way our Online Bookings works with Google Analytics, the most important things to consider are:

  • 📏 Google Analytics installations will be synchronised across all Locations automatically. (You only need to install Analytics once, and we’ll apply it to Online Bookings across all Locations in your Nookal Account.)
  • 🎪 “Purchase” events are now sent automatically. (See our “Events and Conversions” section below for more information.)

☝️ Recommendations

While you are welcome to implement Google Analytics with our Online Bookings in a way that suits you, we’d like to make the following recommendation:

  • 🪟 Avoid embedding our Online Bookings inside <iframe> elements. (Previous versions included an embedded option, and recent browser changes have since made this unreliable when paired with tracking services…)

Like all good recommendations, they come with a grain of salt – so if you know what you’re doing and why, then you’re free to take the grain of salt.

But… if you need help troubleshooting, this is a good place to start. 😬

Some browsers, such as Safari and Brave, block third-party cookies and trackers by default, which can prevent tools like Google Analytics collecting data. Be sure to keep this in mind when reviewing your statistics and reporting.

If your region requires you to ask each visitor for consent before storing Cookies, you can set your Cookies Policy URL within your Nookal Online Bookings settings.

If you have set a Cookies Policy URL – we will ask each visitor for consent to store Cookies:

  • If they accept Cookies, Google Analytics will be initialised.
  • If they decline Cookies, Google Analytics will not be initialised.

📥 Install Google Analytics 4

Adding Google Analytics to your Online Bookings is quick and easy:


Open your Google Analytics 4 account and copy your Measurement ID. If you need help locating your Measurement ID, please consult the Google Analytics 4 documentation – “Find your Google tag ID“.

GA4 Measurement ID


In another window, open Nookal and head to Setup > Extensions > Online Bookings – New.


Click on any Location.


Paste your Measurement ID into the Google Analytics field.

GA Measurement ID


Click the Save Changes button.

🔗 Configure Cross-Domain Tracking

To help Google Analytics track your visitor journey across your website and through your Nookal Online Bookings process, you’ll need to tell Google Analytics to expect data from multiple domains.


Please consult the Google Analytics 4 documentationSet up cross domain measurement” to locate your Cross Domain Configuration.


Then, in addition to your own domain, you’ll need to addbookings.nookal.comandbook.nookal.com“, like so:


Click the Save button.

🎪 Events and Conversions

During a visitor’s journey, we send the following Events to your Google Analytics account:

Event Name Category Description
page_view nookal-online-bookings Sent as the visitor moves through each step in the bookings process.
purchase nookal-online-bookings Sent as the visitor completes a booking (regardless of payment).

We also include the following parameters with each purchase event:

Parameter Example
transaction_id An identifier of Client ID and Appointment ID.
currency The ISO Code of the currency used for the purchase.
value The total value of all items in the transaction.
item_id The Nookal ID of each Service, Class or Pass*.
item_name The type of each item (e.g. “Service”, “Class”, or “Pass*”).
price The value of each item in the transaction.
quantity The quantity of each item in the transaction.

Things to note:

  • Events may take up to 24 hours to appear in Google Analytics 4 Reports.
  • Event Names, Categories, and Parameters are case-sensitive.
  • If the booking includes a Pass Purchase*, the value/price of the Pass* will reflected in the purchase event.
  • If the bookings includes a Pass Redemption*, the value/price of the items purchased with that Redemption will be zero.

🪧 Connect Google Ads to Analytics

If you’re using Google Ads, don’t forget to connect Google Ads to Google Analytics to help track conversions.

Please consult the Google Analytics 4 documentationLink Google Ads and Analytics” to connect your Ads with your Analytics.

👣 Advanced Tracking: UTM Parameters

You can also (optionally) include UTM Parameters in your Online Bookings for better conversion tracking and attribution.

See our guide – Using UTM Parameters with Online Bookings.

*Pass purchase functionality coming soon.

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