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Using Nookal

Learn how Nookal works throughout your day and across your clinic.

Using In-app Chat and Messaging

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Once the Nookal Chat is enabled in the account, it is quick and easy to send messages to a specific Staff member or to all Staff members of a Location.

If the Chat bubble is not displayed, make sure the In-App Chat is enabled in the account. click here for more help.

1. Click on the Chat bubble in the bottom right corner to open the Chat window.

2. Navigate through discussions by clicking on the Location or a Staff member where new messages can be sent and previous messages are displayed. Scroll down or use the search field to locate a staff member.

3. Type some text at the bottom of the discussion and hit Enter/Return key on the keyboard (or click SEND).

4. The Staff receiving the message will be notified by a pop-up for a few seconds and an orange dot on the chat bubble notifying there is an unread message.

5. When opening the Chat window, an orange circle with the number of unread messages will also be displayed next to the Location or Staff member’s name.

See if other staff members are logged in by looking at the status indicator.
A green circle means they are online and can receive a message instantly.
A red circle means they are offline and will see any new messages next time they are online.

If a staff has just logged in, a refresh of the page might be required to see updated statuses.

6. Click on the Chat bubble to close the chat window.

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