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Using Nookal

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Using the Letter CC Option

Nookal Written by Nookal
... on an ostentatious October day.

Nookal has introduced an easy and professional way to send letters to multiple recipients using the CC option.

This option will create a personalised copy for each recipient that can be emailed or printed.

  • Each copy will be addressed to the recipient with the Addressee and other CC listed at the bottom as relevant.
  • When emailing the Letter, email addresses will be automatically added to the email to prevent forgetting recipients or errors.

When using the CC option, the email recipient field will be locked to match the Letters intended recipients.

Selecting an Addressee

1. In the letter-writing tool, click Select an Addressee and select them from the options provided. The Client and all Contacts linked to the Case will be listed.

If the Addressee field is not displayed, tick the Addressee tick box.

Adding CC to a Letter

1. Still in the letter-writing tool, head to the bottom of the Letter and click Add CC.

2. Select the Type of CC to add, Staff or Contact. Clients can’t be added as CC recipients.

3. Search and select the recipients. It is possible to add multiple recipients from the same category at the same time. Click Save.

4. Click Add CC again to add more recipients or recipients from a different category (Staff or Contacts) and repeat steps 2 and 3.

5. Once completed, click Save.

A preview of the Letter will be displayed with all the possible “To/CC fields”. It does not match the copy that recipients will receive.

6. To preview each personalised copy of the letter and confirm all details are accurate, click Print.

7. The letter to the Addressee will be the first copy and it will display the CC recipient at the bottom.

8. The following copy displayed will be the letter to the CC recipients and will also display the Addressee and additional CC (as relevant).

Printing a Letter for Each Recipient

If sending the letter by post, simply print the letter after adding the Addressee and CC recipients, and a personalised copy will be printed for each recipient.

Emailing the Letter to All Recipients

1. Click on the Letter.

2. Click Email.

3. The Recipients and Reply-To email will be generated from the Addressee, CC and Sender selected on the Letter. To change the recipients, close the email and edit the Letter.

4. Update the email Subject and Message as relevant.

5.Once completed, click Send.

Every recipient will receive a private email copy (just like a BCC) with their personalised letter (same as displayed in the Print option).

Removing a CC

In the letter-writing tool, the list of recipients will be displayed in the CC field. To remove a recipient, click on the X next to their name.

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