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Using the MSKPN Integration

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Nookal’s MSKPN integration allows UK-based practitioners to collect MSKPN and BUPA-required Outcome Measures directly from Nookal and export the data into the required format so it can be easily uploaded to MSKPN and/or emailed to BUPA.

MSKPN provides guidance to help raise standards and educate commissioners and system leaders of the benefits of investing in quality MSK services to patients, purchasers and staff working in those organisations. If you are interested in becoming a member of MSKPN, you can visit their website at www.mskpn.co.uk

The following article outlines the steps required to setup and start using the MSKPN integration.

Enable the MSKPN Integration

1. Navigate to Setup.

2. Under Connections click Integrations.

3. Scroll to MSKPN and toggle to Enabled.

Enable the MSKPN Outcome Measures

1. Navigate to Manage.

2. Under Clinical click on Outcomes.

3. Under the General tab enable the Global Rate of Change Scale (GRoC)Net Promoter Score and Numeric Pain Rating Scale (NPRS) outcomes.

4. Under the Musculoskeletal tab enable the Patient Specific Functional Scale (PSFS) outcome.

5. Click Save.

Update the Client’s Comorbidities and Case Information

1. Locate the Client’s Profile. If you’re unsure how to do this, follow the steps provided here.

2. Navigate to the Health section of the Client’s Profile.

3. Select the checkbox next to each of the client’s Comorbidities.

4. Click Save Changes.

5.  Next, navigate to the Client’s Cases section and select the appropriate Case folder.

6. Complete the MSKPN Fields.

7. Click Save Changes.

Send Outcome Measures to Clients

Follow the instructions in Nookal’s comprehensive article on Using and Sending Outcome Measures here to have your clients successfully complete Outcome Measures.

Completed Outcome Measures will appear in the Client’s Clinical Notes History.

Use the MSKPN and BUPA Export Tool

Now that all of the above steps have been completed, you’re ready to export your MSKPN data into the required format.

1. Navigate to Manage.

2. Under Data click Export.

3. Under Type select MSKPN and input the required Location, Clinician and Date parameters.

4. Click Enqueue Data.

5. The file will be displayed in the Exported Data table with the status Queued until ready to be downloaded.

6. Click Download when the file export is completed.


After the .zip file is downloaded to your computer you will be able to unzip it and upload it to MSKPN and/or email it to BUPA.

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