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Using Nookal

Learn how Nookal works throughout your day and across your clinic.

Using the Outcome Measures Feature

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Record and track client progress using the Outcome Measures feature in Nookal. Once the Outcome Measures plans are enabled, it is quick and easy to send the form for the client to fill or for the Provider to complete it alongside the Client.

Once the form is filled, the results will be saved in the Clinical Notes section, where results over time can be tracked and progress measured.

Enabling Outcome Measures

1. Head to Manage.

2. Click Outcomes under Clinical.

3. Navigate the tabs and enable the relevant Outcome Measures Plans.

4. Click Save.

Accessing the Outcome Measures Feature in a Client Profile

To use the Outcome Measures feature, it is possible to send the questionnaire to the Client or to open it within Nookal for the provider to complete it with the Client. See below for more details.

1. To use the Outcome Measures for a Client, head to the Client’s Clinical Notes section for the appropriate Case.

In Appointment’s Classic view:

In Appointment’s Fresh view:

2. Click on the Measures tab.

3. Select an Outcome Measures Questionnaire.

4. In the popup window, select how the Questionnaire will be filled:

  • By the Client remotely (send by Email or SMS)
  • By the Client on an intake device or the practitioner’s device
  • By the practitioner on their device

If the same Questionnaire was already filled by the Clients, the new result can be added to the existing graph to track progression or if the questionnaire is used for a new condition, select New Outcomes Measures.

All of these options will lead to the same Questionnaire being open by a link or redirected automatically.

5. Click Get Started on the Questionnaire introduction page.

6. Complete the questions and once finished, click Save.

7. The results will be saved as a graph in the Clinical Notes section.

Once a Client has completed the questionnaire multiple times, it is possible to report the progression on the Outcomes Report. Find out more here.

Completing Outcomes Measures Onsite

There are 2 options to fill the Outcome Measures Questionnaires onsite: with an intake device or with the Provider’s device or computer.

Start on provider device will lock out the Provider from the device and will start the Outcome Measures plan in the browser for the Client to complete.

1. Select the appropriate option: intake or provider device.

If using an intake device, follow the steps in the following article to set the device in Client Form Mode  and follow the prompts on the device.

2. Provide the device to the Client or help the Client fill the Questionnaire. Once completed click Save.

3. To return to Nookal, the user’s password will be required – it is sometimes necessary to log out and back in to access the other sections of Nookal.

Completing Outcomes Measures Remotely

1. Select the appropriate option: SMS or Email to send the Questionnaire’s link to the Client.

2. When the Client clicks on the link, they will be redirected to the Questionnaire’s page.

3. Once they are finished and click Save, the results will be sent in their Clinical Notes section and they will see a message confirming they successfully completed the Questionnaire.


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