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Using UTM Parameters with Online Bookings

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You can also (optionally) use UTM Parameters to your Online Booking URL for additional conversion tracking and attribution.

Some browsers, such as Brave, strip UTM Parameters by default, which can prevent conversion tracking and attribution. Be sure to keep this in mind when reviewing your statistics and reporting.

UTM Parameters received during the first step of an Online Booking will be visible in the Online Bookings Report.

Simply append your UTM Parameters to the Online Bookings URL generated in your Online Bookings settings.

For example:


Although these parameters are great for additional reporting, this may be a technical process that needs to involve your web developer.


If your visitor’s journey starts on an advertising platform, and goes via your website or a landing page before starting an Online Bookings process, then you may need to collect the UTM Parameters on that website or page (via JavaScript or a server-side language), and append them to each Online Bookings link on your website.


As an example – let’s say you are using Google Ads as your advertising platform:

  • If the Final URL of your advertisement is set as your Online Bookings URL, then you could simply append UTM Parameters to your Online Bookings URL in the Google Ads interface.
  • However, if your Final URL is your website, you will need to consider if you need to programmatically transfer the UTM Parameters to all the Online Bookings links on your website.

The following parameters are collected (all are optional):

Parameter Example Description
utm_source google Identifies the source of a referral.
utm_medium cpc Identifies the medium of a referral.
utm_id abc.123 Identifies a specific campaign.
utm_campaign new_year_sale Identifies a specific segment of a campaign.
utm_term the+best+clinic Identifies the terms / keywords of a referral.
utm_content best_clinic_v2 Identifies a content variation of a referral.

If you want to use UTM Parameters, don’t forget:

  • To make sure your final URL contains valid characters before publishing.
  • To check out Google’s Campaign URL Builder for more information.
  • UTM Parameters passed through your Online Bookings URL are not stored or recorded beyond the visitor’s current session. Each session must begin with UTM Parameters (and result in a booking being made) for them to be recorded.
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