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Viewing Your Diary in Other Calendars

Sam Written by Sam
... on a delightful December day.

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Adding the Nookal Diary to Other Calendars

The Nookal diary supports external calendar integration using an iCal (ICS) feed – so users can view their Diary on any compatible software or device.

Please note, Client Names will be visible in the Diary that the schedule is shared with, so make sure the schedule is only shared on personal secured devices.

See below how to activate a staff member’s calendar feed.

Permission to Edit the Staff section is required to enable this feature.


Go to Setup.


Click Staff under Users.


Select the Staff member.


Tick the Calendar Feed checkbox.


Copy the Feed URL.


Click Save Changes.


Paste the copied Feed URL into the desired calendar (see instructions for each calendar below).

It is very important to protect your Calendar Feed URL, as anyone can use it to see your Diary, including the Client’s names- just like a password. Be sure to always keep the URL safe and secure. You can generate a new URL by disabling and re-enabling your Calendar Feed.

Adding the Nookal Diary to Other Calendars

The diary will be synchronised from 1 month in the past through to all future appointments. There can be a delay with synchronisation (Microsoft and Google can take over 24 hours).

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