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What is the Client Form

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Default Form Fields
Client Profile
Client Contact Details
Client Address
Consent to Communication

Our Client Form is the ultimate paperless way to save valuable time. With the Client Form, there is no need to copy information across from a paper intake form anymore.

The Form enables Clients to add in their personal and contact details, provides them with the option to subscribe to email/SMS communication, and allows them to give their consent to treatments via signature, all of this done electronically.

The form is customisable so information required for a smooth workflow such as medical history, the reason for consultation, previous treatment, etc is collected.

There are different ways for Clients to complete the form, either send it prior to the appointment by email or SMS or through a mobile device such as a tablet provided in the waiting room prior to their appointment.

Default Form Fields

Even if the Client Form can be customised, the fields below are there by default and some are mandatory to prevent missing information.

Mandatory fields are marked with a red asterisk.

For quick and easy use, previously filled in fields will be pre-populated with information from the Client Profile for the Client to confirm.

Client Profile

Client Contact Details

Client Address


For more information on creating, customising and using the Client Form, follow the links below:

Creating the Client Form

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