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Writing a Letter

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This article provides step by step instructions to write Letters. There are two ways to access Letters: via an appointment in the Diary or via the Client section. See details below.

To save valuable time, create Letter Templates for letters sent regularly (e.g. Referral letters, treatment updates, thank yous for client referrals). 


Click on a Client Appointment in the Diary.


In the appointment screen, click Clinical Notes at the top.

In Fresh view, click Clinical Notes on the right-hand side.

If the client does not have a recent appointment handy, access the Letters section from the Client Profile.


Find the Client’s Profile


Click Clinical Notes on the left side menu.


Select the appropriate Case. The Letter will be linked to this Case’s folder.


Click on the Letters tab.



Select a Blank Document or a Letter Template previously created.


The Title of the letter will default to the title of the template. Click on the Title field to update this.

The Title of the Letter will be used as the Document name once saved.

The title is also used as the name of the document when exported or emailed as a pdf.


The Document Reference defaults to the Client’s name. Click on the Reference field to update this. The Document Reference will be used as the email Subject if the Letter is emailed.


Click Select an addressee and select them from the options provided. All Contacts added to the Case will be listed.

If an Addressee is not required, untick the Addressee tick box to remove the field.


The Date of the Letter defaults to the date it is created. Click on the Date field and select a different date if required.

If the Date is not required, untick the Date tick box to remove the field.


Click Select a Sender, to select the staff member to be assigned as the person writing the Letter.

When emailing the Letter, the Reply To email and the email signature will be set automatically to the Sender selected in the Letter.

10. Click into the Text field  – Text formatting tools and the Placeholders menu will be displayed under the Letter title.

You can now add images to letters! Find out more here.



Draft the Letter or simply verify the text is appropriate if using one of the Letter Templates. To save time, use Placeholders to automatically generate information from the Client Profile or Case. Placeholders can be included in the Template already or added directly into the Letter while writing it.

Use the Sender Placeholders to add the associated details and Signature.


Once the letter is completed, click Save.


After saving the letter, a full-screen view of the Letter will be displayed. Verify that Placeholders have been replaced by the appropriate information.


At the bottom of the Letter preview, see the following options: EditReplicate, Email or Print the document. If none of these options is relevant, simply close the window and come back to the Letter later as required.

Writing a Letter with multiple recipients? Use the Letter CC option.


Need to be deleted, follow the steps here: Deleting a Letter.

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