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Writing off Bad Debt

Sam Written by Sam
... on a fabulous February day.

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Adding an Alert to the Client Profile
Adjusting the Unpaid Invoice

To stop a debt from displaying in the Ageing Debts Report, we recommend following these steps.

  1. Add an Alert in the Client account
  2. Make an Adjustment on the unpaid Invoice.
  3. If using Online Bookings, we recommend disabling Online Bookings for clients with Bad Debt history.

See steps below for further guidance.

Adding an Alert to the Client Profile


Create an Alert titled “Bad Debt” in the Client Profile.  We recommend adding the date the debt has been written off as it will be shown in the adjustment report. You can also add the amount that was unpaid if appropriate.


This Alert will be shown when attempting to book any future appointments for this Client.

See What are Alerts? for further information.

Adjusting the Unpaid Invoice


Generate the Ageing Debts Report under Reports > Administration.


Click on the appropriate Client Name to display unpaid invoices.


Click View on the right side of the invoice to open it.


Select an unpaid Item.


Click Adjust Total.


Set the Total to 0 (or to the amount that has been paid if partial payment was made) for the Balance to show 0.


Write Bad Debt in the Adjustment Description and Reason fields.


Click Save.


Repeat steps 4 to 8 for each unpaid item in the invoice.



Close the invoice once the invoice balance is 0.

Once these steps have been followed, Bad Debt will be showing in the Adjustment Report under Reports > Management. The Invoice will be displayed in the date range that the adjustment was made.

Adjustments made after an invoice has been raised will not affect revenue or the Revenue Report.

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