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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I Link Online Bookings to a Facebook Business Page?

Can I Link Online Bookings to a Facebook Business Page?

It is required to set up a Facebook Local Business Page and Nookal Online Bookings prior to linking them.

Use the Facebook ‘Book Now’ button to drive your existing Facebook audience to your Online Bookings site and increase bookings for minimal effort!

To link the ‘Book Now’ button to your Online Bookings site, get the Online Booking URL from Nookal and add the URL to the ‘Book Now’ button. See details on how to do this below.

Obtaining a Nookal Online Booking URL

1. Go to Setup.

2. Click Online Bookings under Extensions.

3. Select a Starting Point for the Online Booking process, either ask the client to pick a Location or send the client directly to a specific Location.

If you have one Location, pick the Location as the start of the process to avoid confusion.

If you have multiple Locations, you can choose to have a different link for each location available or to have a single link so clients choose their location at the start of the Online Booking process.

4. Select URL as the Type to generate in the dropdown list.

5. Click Generate.

6. Select and copy the generated URL Code.

Link the Facebook Book Now button

1. Login to Facebook and navigate to your Facebook Business Page.

2. From the Home Page, click Add a Button.


3. Choose Book our Services then Book Now option from the pop-up window.

4. Paste or type the Nookal Online Booking URL into the Add a website link text field.

5. Click Add Button.

6. When Clients click the Book Now button they will be taken directly to the Online Bookings page.

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