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Can I Use a Barcode Scanner with Nookal?

Can I Use a Barcode Scanner with Nookal?

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When Setting up Stock Items

With Nookal you can use any Barcode Scanner that’s compatible with a web browser to scan Stock Items. This FAQ explains how to use a Barcode Scanner when setting up and selling Stock Items.

When Setting up Stock Items

The Barcode Scanner essentially works like a keyboard, meaning you scan the barcode of the Stock Item to add it during setup.

To get started adding Stock Items to the Inventory please see the steps outlined in Creating Inventory Items.

The Barcode can be scanned when adding the Advanced > Barcode field pictured below.

When Selling Stock Items

When you sell one of the Stock Items that has been previously set up with a Barcode, you can then use the Barcode Scanner to add the Stock Item to the invoice. 

To do this:


Generate the Invoice


Click Add Item


Scan the Stock Item’s Barcode


The Item will be added to the Invoice

It’s best to find a USB Barcode Scanner that works on the type of products that you’re scanning.

The most common barcode is a Universal Product Code (UPC) for stock and International Article Number (EAN) for books.

We recommend a Barcode Scanner that covers Code 128 and Code 39 to give you flexibility for the future.

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